Raccoon appearance

The genesis for this project was an attempt to document, literarily and pictorially, some of the species in our Southern California neighborhood. A coyote yipping outside our window one evening resolved the question of whether the 2018 Woolsey Fire drove animals into Point Dume in greater numbers.
Having heard from neighbors that raccoons were in the area, we weren’t surprised to see one. With trail cameras in place since April, the wonder was that it took five months for this raccoon to get off the casting couch.

As raccoons wash their food in water when it’s available, here’s hoping we get another glimpse into these nocturnal behaviors.

“Raccoon” comes from the Algoniquan/Powhatan language. The tribe’s word, arahkunem, denotes “scratches with the hands” (thanks to Useless Etymology and Jess Zafarris).

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