After 93 trips around the sun, my mother has flown to a better place.

Growing up in Ireland, when someone died, it was said they “fell off the perch.” As an avid bird watcher, it wouldn’t be too irreverent of me to say that about mom. She wasn’t much for walking in or observing the natural world, but was always willing to lend an ear as I shared my discoveries. My first good pair of binoculars were a present from mom.

On Mother’s Day 2021, I give thanks for having been raised by an intelligent, music-loving, widely read, mischievous and loving mom. Always, she encouraged me to stand with confidence on my legs and for my opinions, and to live life with gratitude and compassion.


Published by Mashabu

Earnest observer of our natural world.

One thought on “Mom

  1. Thank you Marsha for sharing your experiences.
    Written with warmth and love!!
    Will be glad to read your next post.
    Stay well.


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