Lesser Goldfinches

California sycamore trees are frequently seen in gardens and on public property around Southern California. The seed pods of the trees that dangle in winter are brown orbs, about one inch in diameter. But to lesser goldfinches, these seeds are lunch!

Male Lesser Goldfinch on California Sycamore

Malibu Lagoon has sycamores growing between the Pacific Coast Highway and the estuary. On a recent visit, I was delighted to discover the beneficial relationship between these two members of our natural world. The dried seeds provide nourishment to the lesser goldfinch. The birds disperse the seeds, allowing new sycamores to take up root wherever the mute of the birds is dropped.

Lesser Goldfinch – Malibu Lagoon January 2022

Cool things to know about this species:

·        They eat seeds and insects . We see them at our feeders as well as eating aphids on the flowering rosemary bushes that grow wild in Mediterranean climates. 

·        Their songs include phrases from other songbirds.

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